The Lost Apes

4,000 Lost Apes randomly generated from a pool of over 100 hand drawn traits

Each trait acts as an attribute that will help build the lost apes story and create interactive opportunities to encourage collecting as many apes and traits as possible That will encourage an active community of apes to stick around for the long run.

Our Vision is to create a meaningful community through our interactive story which engages holders with unique utility and benefits both in the physical and virtual World


The Lost Apes Portals Room - We will be utilising the awesome functionalities of Portals to both show off our art and create fun and engaging ways for individuals to win whitelist spots and even free mints for The Lost Apes. Collaborations - We will be collaborating with existing Solana Bluechip projects to bring more eyes onto the project and secure whitelist spots for bluechip DAO's to help bring a higher quality community to The Lost Apes.


Mint - 4000 Lost Apes will be up for adoption at the price of 0.85 SOL. Donation - 10% of the entire mint proceeds will go directly to YoungMinds, a charity which tackles mental health issues amongst young people.


The Chosen Ones - Every great story has a hero, 4 heroic Apes will be minted as part of the genesis collection. These 4 apes will be available to mutate into a personally tailored 1/1 Lost Ape in which full creative control will be given to the holder of the Heroic Ape


Establishing The Lost Apes DAO's - An infection has spread amongst the apes and the infected have to be isolated away from their uninfected friends. Two rival DAO's must now be established to help find a cure. A percentage of secondary royalties will be given to both the DAO's to help fund their activites.


Quests - As the journey for a cure unfolds, the apes must set upon various quests to find the answers. Some are hidden in plain sight but some will require the apes to band together to find a solution. Upon the completion of quests, the apes are rewarded handsomely for their efforts.


MetaVerse intergration - Sometimes a 2D drawing can't do a project with as awesome art as ours justice, so we will be fully integrating The Lost Apes into the metaverse to provide interactive experiences exclusively for our holders. Our community's discussions and experiences will transcend a discord chat so buckle up and prepare for something that no other NFT project has done.







Captain has been in and around the crypto scene since 2020 and hooked on Solana and its NFT community since Aug '21. Marketeer by day, developer and creative by night. Captain holds a degree in marketing specializing in digital and spends his spare time refining his skills as a developer crearting software and web applications with use-cases both in and around crypto. Captain will be responsible on makings TLAs vision in to a reality, managing the community and creating meaningful partnerships with projects in the Solana ecosystem and beyond.




Lieutenant has been in crypto since 2016 so has over 6 years of experience in this industry. Within those 6 years he has advised successful ICO's, invested in a successful crypto mining company and built a large crypto / NFT portfolio. During his time here, he has made great connections within the crypto community and been to many crypto conferences and connected with some of the industries leaders. He holds a degree in marketing and business law. Having been in this industry for so long he has seen it all and can sift through the bullsh*t and help make TLA a fresh and successful NFT project. His primary responsibilities for the project include: Business development, marketing, content creation, and strategy.



Steven Reynolds

Steve is a Cartoonist and animator based in the UK. Recent projects he has worked on involve logo design, graphic novel illustration and the design and animation of computer game sprites for a 2D endless runner style game.

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What is the lost apes supply?


When will the Lost Apes be minting?

27/05/2022, 4PM UTC

WHAT Is the mint price?

0.85 SOL

Where will the Lost Apes be listed?

We will be listing on Magic Eden as soon as possible after sell-out.